an animated film by Laura Di Trapani

15 minutes, HD &DCP

Within the context of a trans-continental courtship, an East Indian man and an American woman try to find a common thread that can bring them together. Their correspondence becomes a dance of opposites, and like the parlor game from which the title of this film is derived, surprising connections are sometimes made. Other times,  though, the lines of communication miss their mark.

  • Incorporating a variety of animation techniques including hand drawn, shadow puppet, time lapse and collage, the imagery explores metaphors which reflect the trajectory of the conversation- providing an alternate narrative behind the actual spoken words.

I am fascinated by the power of metaphor to elucidate concepts and explore ideas in ways that a more blunt approach cannot match. Animation provides a perfect bridge between our perception of the “real” world and the inner world or our dreams, fears and ideas. And it is never static. As an artist, I feel that my job is to take the viewer on a ride along alternate paths in interpreting our experiences of life. I am interested in creating films in which emotion is represented visually.  Animation is well suited for such endeavors.


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